Ford Transit Side-Airbag

ford transit side airbag
Working today on the wall behind the Murphy bed. Temporarily removed the big black styrofoam blob to find out what’s behind it and how much of it can be discarded. The left part that’s protruding into the cargo area, doesn’t cover anything. The lower part contains the side-airbag contraption.


  1. We reached the point where we must stop procrastinating with the foam blob. We’re thinking of cut away the “left part” and discard it, but that will leave only 1 attachment point with the van. Not sure what to do…

    Do you think the foam blobs has any functional impact on airbags?

    The idea is to cover the foam with some nice tissue; this will make the transition between the headliner and the wooden walls.

    What’s your plan?

    1. I’m facing exactly the same issues and only recently removed that black blob to see what was going on. I don’t think that the ‘left’ part of that blob has any function, except for the second attachment point. In the meantime I have removed that ‘left’ part and found out that, that the blob is still fairly well attached with only one attachment point. It will even be more held in place by the future cabinets and other wood. I may even use a strap for more support.
      If you remove only the ‘left’ part, I don’t think it has any impact on the side airbag (I mean on the driver’s side, because I haven’t touched the passenger side yet). The blob may be there to support the direction to where the airbag will be employed in case of an accident and the remainder will just do that. It also may be that the blob is just a cheap way for Ford to finish that part of the interior. It may be just a part of the trim, without any function at all.
      Like you, I’m not a Ford technician, so proceed with caution. Future warranty issues may occur, but that is part of the conversion.

      Van Williams

  2. Yes, I took off the passenger side blob the other day and found the airbag for that side above the slider door B-pillar.

    I am at a quandary as to what I want to do with the blob. I was thinking of trimming the blob down a little in size and relocating the mounting pin to another hole, making it a bit smaller and less obtrusive.

    I trimmed it some and am sanding down a bit more of the blob a bit to see what I can come up with… LOL!

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