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Travel Update

With the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, I decided to take some time off and drive in my van from Central Florida to Anderson SC to watch this unique phenomenon. While the proper eclipse only lasts a minute or two, the entire event is spread out over a couple of hours. The complete darkness during the middle of the day is most prominent, but also watch for the change in behavior of the animals around you and that includes humans 🙂 And do watch the horizon around you and the possible shadows appearing and disappearing.
To make this trip more worthwhile, I’ll extend it by visiting the Swiss village Helen GA and do a few hikes in the area around Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian trail. Continue reading Travel Update

Destination: Charleston SC

I was happy to arrive in Charleston SC. It was still early in the year and the weather up North had not been, what I hoped for. This far South, temps were already in the 80’s and sun & blue skies in abundance.

church and more churchesHistoric Charleston is a relatively small area, with a big dose of history, architecture and a church on every street. Meeting and King Street offer good shopping and the outdoor cafés create a relaxed atmosphere. Add a City Market and a grand promenade, and you’ll have one of the nicest towns in America.

This was the second town in a Three City Tour. After visiting Washington DC, Charleston seemed more accessible with a compact town center, but for a dog owner many limitations remain. Continue reading Destination: Charleston SC

The Future Of Water Purification

water-purificationScientists at Stanford have developed a fast, water disinfecting device using nanofilms and visible light. It is relatively small, but could have a big impact on both hikers and boondockers.
The glass tablet is topped with bits of copper and “nanoflakes” of the industrial lubricant molybdenum disulfide.

“UV light only counts for 4 percent of the total solar energy. If you can also use visible light, that’s 50 percent of solar energy.”

The early results show highly efficient water disinfection against E.coli and a lactic acid bacteria. Viruses and harmful chemicals may follow. The water should not be cloudy.
It could be commercialized in 3-5 years.
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Destination: Washington DC

Washington DC is the US capital and as such, home to many federal buildings and a great number of world class museums, that are all free to enter. Bring comfortable walking shoes, you’ll need them!

This was one of the cities, that I visited on my recent trip. You can read more about that trip and what I learned about the van in: For All Intents And Purposes.

I left Frederick MD early and was in a continuously slow moving traffic jam until I reached the city. Fortunately, my GPS guided me to my pre-located free parking spot in Potomac Park. From there, it is a five-minute walk to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Tidal Basin and the other attractions.

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For All Intents And Purposes

During the cargo van conversion, I take time out for short trips with the van, sometimes to try out the latest modifications, sometimes just for the fun of it.

ford-transit-medium-roofIn preparation for this road trip, I needed and installed the floor insulation and the subfloor itself, the cabin curtain and a small, temporary inverter connected to the CCP (Customer Connetion Point). A foam mattress and a porto-potti were added and some of my hiking/backpacking gear for the planned hikes. During these final days of April, the weather in the North-East has been improving, giving the green light for my trip to Canada, that includes some long awaited side trips.

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The Ultimate Trip: Two Years Away And Two Minutes Long

Would you travel a 1000 miles for a two minute event and wait two years for a chance to be part of it? I’m already making plans for this opportunity of a lifetime.

solar eclipseOn Monday, August 21, 2017, the 2017 Solar Eclipse will produce up to 2m40s of totality across the nation; it won’t last very long, but if you manage to be at the right place at the right time, these two minutes will make a big impact on you.
It will be quiet and birds stop singing; you may feel a chill in the air as temperatures can drop 10°F.
As the light dims, shadows appear and at full totality, your surroundings are filled with darkness.

Everyone in the continental U.S. will see at least a partial eclipse and most of us live close enough to be able to see the total solar eclipse, as its path of totality stretches from Oregon’s coast to South Carolina’s seashore. Continue reading The Ultimate Trip: Two Years Away And Two Minutes Long

Solo RV Living: Rules To Live By!

Solo RV living or solo travel is more popular now, than it’s ever been. It follows the same route as the Tiny House movement, where people want to scale down, live smaller, have less impact on the environment and be closer to nature.

Yet traveling around solo in a recreational vehicle brings with it some specific issues, that need to be addressed. While you have the opportunity to make all the decisions and go where you want to go, you also lack the support of a partner. Nothing is as devastating as facing a disastrous event, while parked alone in the boondocks, without any lines of communication and far away from the nearest help.

Before getting on the road, we have to anticipate the difficulties we may face during our explorations, so we can avoid worrying about all bad things that can happen. Be prepared, realistic and have fun! Continue reading Solo RV Living: Rules To Live By!

Ready To Travel? Bring Your Pet!

Most pet owners won’t leave home without their beloved animal and van owners are not different. A converted van may be limited in space, but that doesn’t bother Fido. As long as his boss is nearby, nobody is complaining.
Yet there are some restrictions to having a pet on board. The 600 mile daily stretch, to do the cross-country trip in as few days as possible is history. Doggie may not like driving that much and regular stops with long walks may relieve him in more than one way.

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Living in a Van: How to Survive Winter


winter locationsEverybody’s situation differs and much depends on how well you insulated your van and what kind of heating you installed. Most should follow the crowd and GO SOUTH!

Four distinct areas are well-suited for the colder months of the year, each with their own advantages and drawbacks.

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