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Safety comes in different packages and I start with a fire extinguisher in the RV/Cargo Van.

rv deckfillI just installed a general purpose extinguisher next to the driver’s seat and will add another one at a later time, either in the kitchen or at the sliding side door of my Ford Transit. But these are not the only safety precautions I’ll take; I’ll add a seat belt cutter/window breaker and fire/carbon monoxide alarm. And for personal safety, a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon), bearspray (for hiking and backbacking trips) and a tow rope & power puller to save me when I’m stuck in the boondocks.check valves
In addition, I added check valves to both vent lines, made an adapter for the deckfill and did some final preparations for the final installation of the Murphy Bed next week.

murphy bed formicadeckfillkidde fire extinguisher

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