Will the new Chevy Express be called Movano?

vauxhall movano

General Motors still has not announced any plans to replace the Chevy Express, while all of its major competitors have newly designed European style vans available in the American market place.

Especially the RV Class B Conversion companies are turning to the European vans and avoiding the Chevy Express and it is likely that their market share will continue to decrease.

GM could, like Ford and Chrysler, easily bring an adaptation of its European Movano cargo van to this side of the Atlantic. The European Movano, based on the Renault Master, comes in a broad range of body styles and in both FWD or RWD and 2.3L CDTI engines.

Maximum cargo floor-to-roof height 67 – 84 in.
Maximum cargo area width 70 in.
Width between wheel housings 43 – 54 in.
Maximum cargo floor lengths 102 – 173 in.
Cargo volume 247 – 491 cu.ft.

Will 2015 be the year that GM will present the Movano as the successor of the Chevy Express or can we expect a brand new cargo van, developed for the American market?


  1. Thay should definitely replace the Express with the Movano. Opel is a well built product that is seen as a quality product. They should bring in the Vivaro as well. Both would be industry leaders here. Bring them both as people haulers and utility.

  2. The Opel and Vauxhall Movano and the Nissan NV 400 are rebadged Renault Master vans, made in France. The only difference are the badges and the grills. This badge engineering is common in the van sector in Europe, some Mercedes vans are made by Fiat and Renault for example, The Sprinter is the same van As the VW Crafter. At times is very difficult to know who realy made your van.

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