building a collapsible RV step stool

Creating a foldable step stool for the Transit van. After being made aware of the possibility to close up the step-in area, I went ahead by making some plans for a step stool, that could be readily disassembled and stored in the former step-in area.

All the wood will be Hard Maple as it is readily available to me. I expect regular maintenance of the step stool or early replacement, as it will have to withstand the daily weather. A better choice would be plastic, but that’s not a material, I can work with.

The idea of a full floor, without the step-in area came from a subscriber and has advantages, such as avoiding missteps and hurting your ankles and the additional storage areas in the former step-in area. I already had plans to create a small box in the same area, to store a pair of flip-flops and Joey’s leash. Unfortunately, there is always a downside and that is that the entry into the van becomes even more difficult.

The solution will be a step stool, but to avoid additional (sizeable) items from making it into the van, I designed one made of individual boards, that can be assembled at will. By keeping the sizes of the boards within width and height of the step-in area, I will be able to store the entire step stool out of sight.

As there is not a prototype, I’m still unsure if I can make this contraption sturdy and stable enough for its intended use. We’ll find out soon!

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