ATSC 3.0 Means Better OTA TV

Improved Free Over-The-Air TV May Benefit RVers This new OTA television standard promises many improvements over the current free Antenna-TV and two features are significant for the average Boondocker or RVer. TV reception in an RV is at best acceptable, but more often non-existent. Particularly, when your home-on-wheels is parked far out-of-town or at that… Continue reading ATSC 3.0 Means Better OTA TV

Flexible Solar Panel Installation

Watch all my videos on YouTube! One of the major steps of this van conversion, is the addition of solar panels to the roof of the Ford Transit. It creates an independent source of energy, which in turn, makes vandwelling or boondocking a possibility. I chose flexible solar panels for their light weight, bendable and… Continue reading Flexible Solar Panel Installation

The Current State Of Flexible Solar Panels

A few years ago, flexible solar panels became popular with RV owners as they represented a innovative solution for smaller RV’s, where weight reduction played an important role. Less weight meant more panels and more power to stay off-grid longer. With a weight difference of about 20 lbs per panel, easy installation without holes in… Continue reading The Current State Of Flexible Solar Panels

Boondocking At Lower Hillsborough Wildlife Preserve

The Oak Ridge section of the Lower Hillsborough Wildlife Preserve near Tampa offers free campsites relatively close to town, the beaches and even Walt Disney World in Orlando. A quiet, but urbanizing area with shaded trails through forested wetlands and open pine flatwoods. Hiking offers access to the Hillsborough River. Continue reading →