Ford Transit: Backup Camera Trailer Hookup

backup camera

The factory installed Ford Transit backup camera has proven to be a great addition to the vehicle and hooking up a trailer has become a routine task.

travel-trailerThis will make my life a lot simpler! Backing up my vehicle close to and straight in front of the hitch of a trailer has become a one-person job. During the years that I traveled with a travel trailer, I had a system in place where one person sits behind the wheel, while the other stays close to the front of the trailer, yet in sight of the driver; with simple hand backup-camerasignals the driver was informed about the distance and location of the hitch. That always worked great, but technology is changing that rapidly.

The first indication of that came, when I was backing up the van into a short parking spot and towards a parked vehicle. During the last the last foot or so, the owner started honking his horn to get my attention. Afraid that I would bump into him. He was relieved, when I told him afterwards about the camera.

travel-trailerBut I did not realize the other benefits of a backup camera, until the first use of my utility trailer. That seemed to be a daunting task without a ‘co-pilot’ who could steer me in the right direction. As I remembered from my travel trailer days, I always could lean on another person at the trailer to guide me.

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I was pleasantly surprised about the ease of backing up and connecting to the trailer. The already low placed backup camera is close to the hitch/ball and gives a superb close-up view without ever leaving the driver’s seat. The parking sensor that I added inside the rear bumper, makes it an almost failsafe proposition. In fact, it is easier done today without help, than anytime before with the assistance of other people.

If your vehicle is still without a backup camera, I would consider installing one yesterday!

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