Kitchen Cabinet & OBD2 Scanner

Still working to finish the kitchen area by constructing a ceiling cabinet on the side wall behind the wardrobe.

It will function as a storage area for plates, bowls, mugs and other items, that I use on a daily basis during food preparation.

Kitchen Cabinet

One limitation I have, is that the finish material Formica is on back-order, which means that I will finish most of this project without permanently gluing the parts together. At a later time, everything gets disassembled, Formica added, reassembled, glued and reinstalled.

As a solitary builder, I’m always looking for ways to simplify the installation of cabinets in the van. Particularly this cabinet, that will be located in an awkward corner in the rear of the van, needs a third or even fourth hand to hold it in place, while I attach it to the wall end ceiling.

I use two scrap pieces of wood, roughly cut to size, as supports, which makes the install effortless.

A building square checks for level, after which a single bolt through the back of the cabinet into an existing Plusnut, will hold the case in place. That allows me to add screws to the ceiling and side of the cabinet.

Ultimately, I will add a strip where the case meets the ceiling, to finish the look.

OBD2 Diagnostic Code Reader

When your engine light appears and your baffled by its cause, it’s not always too late to get an OBD2 reader.

While a cheap OBD2 scanner combined with an equally cheap app such as Torque Pro or ForScan, can help you out for little money, I wasn’t so lucky.

After playing around with this setup, I decided to get a dedicated reader. Professional readers can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars and show every detail of the workings of your vehicle, but a $100 scanner will usually suffice the not mechanically inclined folks like me.

I decided to buy the Ancel FD700, which has some extra diagnostic tools dedicated to Ford vehicles. If the engine light comes on, when I’m on the road, it will give me some useful information, indicating to call for help or allowing me to drive to the nearest town for repairs.


Ancel FD700 OBD2 Scanner
Bluetti EB55 Power Station
Melamine Dishes & Bowls
Jellas Orbit Sander
Building Square

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