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Murphy Bed Design

Adding a bed to the van is the second, larger interior project that I’m working on and probably the most important addition to the RV.


While the van conversion process should follow a specific order, so-far I’ve deviated from that, to create a (very) basic setup, that will sustain me on short trips, until the conversion has completed. Access to 12V, privacy, flooring, vents and a bed are all I need for the moment to be reasonably comfortable on short road trips.
The bed has a simple design, with many complicated requirements added to the construction. I decided a long time ago, that living space is crucial for a well-designed recreational vehicle. My experience reminds me that inclement weather can prevent you from leaving the vehicle for multiple days or longer and having enough floor space to move around (and standing straight) is the primary objective for this conversion.
A Murphy bed seemed to me the logical solution, where the floor space could be retained during the day (and keep a messy bed out-of-sight). To make optimal use of the interior space, I added a collapsible desk, where one can sit comfortably during the day, working or just surfing the Internet. A retractable monitor/tv is built-in above the bed and accessible from the desk or the passenger-side swivel seat. And with some design flair, I Incorporated a picture into the design.

Design Details

I first measured the driver’s side wall details of my 2016 Ford Transit and then projected over it the cabinet design for the entire wall.


The Murphy bed is located immediately behind the driver’s seat, with only a very narrow space in between, reserved to hide the cabin curtain. To the left of the bed is a vertical storage cabinet, followed by the kitchen counter top that spans the width of the vehicle. From the kitchen, you have views through the side window and through the rear doors. The small area between the kitchen and the rear doors can accommodate a bike, tools and other items.

On the right side, at the bottom of the cabinets, a floor vent is visible. The cabinets to the left of that, and under the bed itself, can be used for batteries or to store the bed linens. The top-right overhead cabinet holds the retractable 17 or 20 inch monitor/tv. In a closed position, the bed shows a picture frame.

Working Desk

With the bed in upright position, the picture frame can be unfolded into a desk. A comfy chair would complete the picture.


Previously, I wanted the desk to be perpendicular to the bed/wall, but the height and position of the bed did not allow for that. This would have offered better views through the sliding door windows, when sitting at the desk.


The Bed

When the bed is pulled down, one double window is exposed; the window to the left is boarded up. This would be a nice spot for another picture or painting. One can view television from the bed at night or watch a beautiful mountain view through the opened side door, when you wake up in the morning.
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