RV Kitchen Cleanup

In this final stretch, I finish and install the countertop, add some Formica around the fridge and a panel surrounding the side kitchen window.


The countertop is finished with four coats of Shellac and three thin coats of Poly-Urethane on top. Before I install it, one or two coats of regular furniture wax, will make it shine.

Window Panel

I cut a thin piece of board, to fit around the kitchen side window. Use contact cement to glue Formica to both sides; this will give it extra protection, while cooking. A combination of table saw and router makes a snug fit and some black spray paint is applied to the thin, inner edge.

The panel is attached to the metal wall with Plusnuts (link to Plusnut video: https://youtu.be/Q21D-gKpUk8 ) and several screws.


The fridge cabinet gets some missing Formica, which brings me closer to a finished van.

Countertop Installation

Time now for the Mahogany countertop. I start with the induction cooktop cover; installed the hinge after lots of fine-tuning. With that done, the main countertop is fitted against it and attached with wood screws. At the front side, I use slots in which the screws can slide, when the wood expands or contracts during the seasons.

Re-installation of the fridge completes the job.

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