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Webasto Gas Heater – Part III

After previously installing the fuel pump, I continue with the fuel (and power) line between the pump and the location where the heater penetrates the van floor.


For extra security, I use a wireloom around the power wire and use a wider fuel line aorund the tiny Webasto fuel line.

Webasto Airtop 2000 STC Gasoline *Heaters4You has a $20.00 discount when you enter promo code: “Respect2Nico”
Webasto Fuel Line ➜ Part of the Webasto heater package.
Webasto Pump Power Wire ➜ Part of the Webasto heater package.
Webasto Fuel Line Connector and Clips ➜ Part of the Webasto heater package.
1/4 inch Wire Loom
3/8 inch Fuel Line
Heat Shield Sleeve
Self Locking Zip Ties
Zip Ties

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