Magazine Rack (1)

Utilizing every available space is a priority; the area to the right of the rear side window is large enough to accommodate a magazine rack and is conveniently close to the bed. This will allow for some late night reading. Back to the workshop for some woodworking!

The main wood choice is again Cherry in combination with some Tiger Maple as a front panel.

After dimensioning and sizing the lumber, everything must be put together, including two extra pieces which are added to the side to act as a pen/pencil holder.


The Cherry plywood back panel first gets a solid Cherry strip glued to its top.


The Tiger Maple front panel gets two tenons that will fit into slots, routed in the side panels. The tenons are flush with the bottom, while the tops are cut back for an invisible joint.


Both side panels now receive the slots that will hold the front panel; at the same time, a full-length rabbet is routed that will hold the back panel. A bit of sapwood is showing, but will be largely hidden in the final product.


The bottom panel gets a similar rabbet.


Pencil holder supports.


Now a stylish curve is added to the Tiger Maple panel.


To save a bit of weight and add some more style, two slender slats will support the magazines. A little more work was involved to chisel out the four rectangular holes.

The assembly and finishing are discussed in the next two postings.

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