rv pantry

Pantry Build

https://youtu.be/PXnr2gX-bbI This pantry is located above the passenger side wheel well. The bottom half consists of four drawers, the top half has three dividers. Like all the other cabinets in the van, the doors and drawer fronts will be installed at a later time. And there is also still some work to be done at…

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How To Use A Plusnut

https://youtu.be/Q21D-gKpUk8 Plusnuts are a great way to attach cabinets to the metal walls of a van. It is a fast and easy way, very similar to using a plastic plug in concrete. There are two ways to install a Plusnut. You can use a special applicator, but you can also take two small wrenches, a…

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RV Workbench – Drawer Cabinet

https://youtu.be/TeLtuyK3E0A The drawer cabinet is finished and the drawer fronts installed. Now still some sanding and more sanding, followed by a couple of finish coats. Next week I’ll start with the work surface. When it all comes together, it all folds down into a ‘bench seat’ for the desk in my van/RV.

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Gray Water Tank & RV Woodworking Bench

https://youtu.be/2HmkuXVLQk0 As usual, I’m working on different projects at the same time. The gray water tank is central to the future separating toilet, the shower, water heater and kitchen sink installation. The woodworking bench has been a recent addition to the van conversion. For a long time, I envisioned a regular chair (surely made by…

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Storage Box

https://youtu.be/N_9azvfa_PM Storage space in my van comes at a premium and I have to optimize every little corner, that’s available to me. I choose individual wooden boxes for a clean setup, to fill the area between the rear kitchen and both rear doors.

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