Spray Foam Floor Insulation

Laying a sub-floor in an RV consists of many individual steps. After removing the tie-downs, insulating the wheel wells, creating plywood templates, cutting and gluing the strips of Poly-Iso to the floor, I’m now completing the insulation by filling the voids with a spray foam application.

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Although it is a closed-cell, waterproof foam, after cutting…
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Keeping Your RV Cool With A Hidden Floor Vent

Temperature, ventilation and condensation are some of the issues that complicates RV living. But keeping the vehicle cool and free from humidity and condensation may be addressed by installing a floor vent. A floor vent in combination with a standard roof vent, should produce enough natural convection, that the airflow could sustain itself. By placing…

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Insulate Your RV Floor – Part Four

Gluing Insulation Every RV should have Insulation and gluing it is the best way to keep it in place. As part of the Insulated Floor Project, I just finished gluing all the individual pieces of Poly-Iso insulation board between the floor ribs of the Ford Transit floor. You can read about all the details, and…

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Insulate Your RV Floor – Part Three

Cutting Poly-Iso After having done the preparation by removing the tie-downs and by applying sound insulation to the wheel wells and preparing to cut the plywood by making paper templates. The next step is cutting the insulation boards. Types and amounts of insulation have always been a controversial subject amongst us DIY’ers and in all…

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Murphy Bed Design

Adding a bed to the van is the second, larger interior project that I’m working on and probably the most important addition to the RV. While the van conversion process should follow a specific order, so-far I’ve deviated from that, to create a (very) basic setup, that will sustain me on short trips, until the…

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Adding Amps To The CCP

Some time ago I ordered the CCP upgrade kit from my local Ford dealer and it was time to do the installation. My Transit van is equipped with only one battery and therefore only one 12V terminal that has a maximum load of 60 Amps. Before my last trip, I installed a small inverter that…

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Insulate Your RV Floor – Part Two

Paper Plywood Templates After having done the preparation by removing the tie-downs and by applying sound insulation to the wheel wells, I’m preparing to cut the plywood sheets to fit around the wheel wells and pillars. You can read in greater detail about this part of the project at Insulated Floor – Paper Templates.

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Today’s Snapshot

Another last-minute task. This morning I sprayed the stainless steel bolts, that hold the sub-floor in its place, with some undercoating, to prevent future rust. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting all the details and videos. You can find the project at Mod: Insulated Floor.

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washington dc

Destination: Washington DC

Washington DC is the US capital and as such, home to many federal buildings and a great number of world class museums, that are all free to enter. Bring comfortable walking shoes, you’ll need them! This was one of the cities, that I visited on my recent trip. You can read more about that trip…

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