Solar Panel Guide (1)

New approaches for small RV’s. THIS DECADE HAS SEEN MANY ADVANCES IN SOLAR PANEL RESEARCH, WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF A WIDE ARRAY OF NEW MATERIALS, WHICH IS CHANGING RV LIFE. Less important to the big rigs, that have large, flat roofs to support a large numbers of panels, the smaller Class B RV’s and Cargo…

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version 2.0

Cargo Van Conversion V2.0 – Van Use

PREVIOUS: Cargo Van Conversion V2.0   AS I EXPLAINED IN MY PREVIOUS POST Cargo Van Conversion V2.0, BEFORE CONVERTING A NEW VAN, WE CAN REVISIT OUR EXPECTATIONS AND BUILD ON OUR ACQUIRED EXPERIENCES DURING OUR FIRST VAN CONVERSION. Define Van Use Intended use may take precedent over other uses. With solar panels on the roof,…

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Foldable Silicone Collapsible Bucket

SOMETIMES, YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU NEED. During my previous adventures in a sizable travel trailer, I always struggled with a bucket. Even with the abundance of space available to store it, most locations in the trailer either were not deep enough or were obstructed by drains, shelves, etc. A bucket is one of…

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version 2.0

Cargo Van Conversion v2.0

I HAVEN’T WORKED ON THE VAN MUCH LATELY. HAD TO FOCUS ON MY JOB, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, THE 1992 DODGE B-250 VAN HAS STARTED TO FAIL. Its age and the increasing number of repairs have redirected my focus on the purchase of a new cargo van and restart the van conversion from the beginning. Fortunately,…

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zenith electric ram promaster

Is electricity the future of Van living/camping?

Zenith Electric has made available an electric version of the Ram ProMaster cargo van. It has an electric drivetrain, including a 180-hp motor and a 62.5-kWh bank of lithium-ion phosphate batteries and a list price of $89,500, that can be offset by a federal tax credit of $5,500 and perhaps other grants or credits. It…

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