Power storage

  Now that the different parts of the electrical system have been established, the first thing to do is calculate the number of batteries needed to support the daily energy use. Here a lot of time goes into researching all appliances that will ultimately be installed. Adding up their amperage use, will yield our daily…

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Upgrading to off-grid power

As I am struggling a bit to finish the multi-use cabinet,  the next phase of the van conversion will entail some of the wiring for the off-grid electrical system. Before any new cabinets are built, cables have to be laid. At the same time, buying a battery charger, inverter, some batteries and an induction cooktop,…

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Multi-Use Cabinet (8)

After my last post, I took a short brake, but now I’m refreshed and at it again. We are in the final stretch of the multi purpose cabinet and next time I hope to have it ready to install in the (cargo) van conversion. Meanwhile, to prevent any noise made by the cooktop cover while…

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Multi-Use Cabinet (7)

Previously I messed up one of the drawer bottoms of the cabinet that I’m making for my (cargo) van conversion. First redo that, then do the top surface with access to the cooktop. After all the major parts have been put together, only the hardware, the finishing and final installation in the van remains.  …

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Multi-Use Cabinet (6)

A lot of time is spent on this multi purpose cabinet in pursuit of a high standard of finish. When it is ready and installed in the next two weeks, I will continue with the cargo van conversion. There’s the solar prep and walls & floors to be finished.   Previously I installed a Romex…

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Multi-Use Cabinet (5)

  The Drawers The back panel is finished, the hardware is ordered; in the meantime my attention shifts to the drawer construction. Rails are installed and drawer panels put together.     First a filler is glued-in at the back, to compensate for the frame height in the front.   Wooden rails will support all…

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Multi-Use Cabinet (4)

  Back Panel After the plywood core, the cherry frame and the decorations, I now turn to the back panel of the cabinet. In its up-position, it covers and protects the drawers section, while in the down-position it functions as a side table when sitting outside the van, with the side doors of the cargo…

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Design Changes

Design changes inherently happen while building my projects and regularly result in an improved outcome. This time I have to settle for a diminished functionality. Building the multi-use cabinet at the side doors of the van has been progressing without much difficulties during the last few weeks. During the same period, I have been struggling…

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Multi-Use Cabinet (3)

  Fitting the cabinet in the van

The RV’s cabinet overhangs the step-in area at the side doors. A simple box with a Cherry front will fill that in. The extension at the top of the will cover the end of the core bottom panel.   As we are approaching glue-up, it’s time to…
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Multi-Use Cabinet (2)

Now we have finished the decorative strips, the plywood core will be next. It will hold the drawers and sliding cooktop, while guiding electric and/or gas lines, hidden from view, to and through the floor of the van conversion. The space between the core and the sides also allows for the hinges of the folding…

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