“Intel: Little Stick, Big Surprise.” How To Successfully Integrate A Computer In Your RV

Long before I install solar in my RV, I have to think about power use of my electronics, that is the amps and type of voltage (12V/110V). Computer use in a RV has become easier since laptops became available. Battery use is always an issue in a recreational vehicle and certainly with computers that may… Continue reading “Intel: Little Stick, Big Surprise.” How To Successfully Integrate A Computer In Your RV

Car Electronics – Part II

In the previous article I talked about GPS trackers, car DVR and reverse sensing systems; I’ll finish the line-up with backup cameras, side cameras, GPS and display screens. Backup Camera These tiny camera’s are simple and cheap to install yourself. Certainly with cargo vans, parking or hooking up a trailer will be a whole lot… Continue reading Car Electronics – Part II

8 Critical Elements Of A Modern Van Conversion

THERE ARE MANY REASONS TO HAVE A CONVERSION VAN. MOST FOLKS WILL USE IT FOR AFFORDABLE TRAVEL, AND SOME DOING THE MORE EXTREME BOONDOCKING AND EVEN LESS LIVING IN IT PERMANENTLY. Some use it as their mobile office, while traveling around the country, others have made it part of the Tiny House Movement. For me… Continue reading 8 Critical Elements Of A Modern Van Conversion

Solar Panel Guide (2)

New approaches for small RV’s. PHOTOVOLTAIC FACTS After I introduced Semi Flexible Solar Panels in my previous post, questions remain about the performance of these new semi flexible modules. SOLAR PANEL TYPES Rigid Residential Flexible Amorphous Thin Film Semi Flexible average cost per watt 1 $ 0.80-2.00 $ 1.50 $ 2.00-7.00 low light performance average… Continue reading Solar Panel Guide (2)

12V Fan Switch

Recently a fan was installed to cool the solar components, like controller, battery charger, etc. As it is not necessary to run the fan continuously, a switch can regulate its use. Radio Shack sells this 12V switch with a ground (+), a power (-) and a accessory spade. Right now there is a wire running… Continue reading 12V Fan Switch

12V Cooling Fan

The compartment under the bed that will hold the charger, controller, inverter, etc. is a small enclosure and needs some form of cooling.  I choose a 5” computer fan with thermal control, that automatically adjusts its speed as the temperature rises. Other considerations were low noise level (<18dB), high airflow volume (up to 42cfm) and… Continue reading 12V Cooling Fan


Having batteries, doesn’t automatically mean access to 12V. Thus, two access points are planned in the van. One 12V socket is located at the solar components (controller, charger, inverter, etc.) compartment, under the bed. It’s immediately next to the pull-out shelf and serves to power my laptop.   12V Power Socket It’s a standard 12V… Continue reading Wiring(4)