What Do Ford, Mercedes Benz, GM, Chrysler and Nissan Have In Common?

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It’s time to buy a new van and after having done some of the preliminary work, I’ll have to visit a few dealerships to clear up some remaining questions and, after choosing the final model, to actually see where I can get the best deal.

The first step, in this two-step process, is getting a feel for actual size of the different models. My current van is a Dodge B-250 that has served me well for a long time, but it has no standing room and as an RV, is fairly short. More comfort translates into a longer and taller vehicle and that’s all nice on paper, but now is the time to actually experience the real thing.

listFinding out what I’m comfortable with, short, medium or extended lengths or perhaps the different wheelbases. The presumably lower step-in of the ProMaster or the medium and high roofs, At the same time I have to figure out which van best suits my requirements, such as underfloor space for water tanks and perhaps propane tank.

To assist me in evaluating all the differences, I’ll bring a camera, tape measure and a list of questions & checks on every visit to a dealer. One part of the list for the info of the actual model at hand and some of the basic questions I need to ask the salesman. The other part pertains only to each specific model and mostly has to clarify certain measurements that you won’t find in any documentation.

The front and back of the list can be downloaded as a PDF-file.
Vehicle Info List PDF – 80Kb

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