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Installation Guidelines

A cargo van conversion should follow basic rules during every phase of the construction. Any change or addition to the van, may impact the warranties of the van or the appliances, that are added to it.


It may also affect the fuel consumption and performance of the vehicle. Aerodynamics , added weight and distribution of weight, all change the way you will use your converted van.

The design and implementation of the conversion should at least conform with the following stipulations:

Load Distribution


Roof Ventilation

Installation of a roof vent requires:


Corrosion Prevention

Avoid corrosion problems when making changes to the metal frame or supports of the vehicle:


A certain amount of wood cabinets, counters and other furniture will be part of a conversion.


Most of these issues can be avoided with a good dose of common sense. Don’t hurry, but take your time to do things correctly. Use the correct tools and follow the appropriate installation procedures. And if in doubt, ask a professional or use the Internet as backup (but make sure, you’ll get the right information).

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