car sensor kit

Making Sense Out Of Vehicle Sensors

The first few projects for the van conversion are being planned and it is time now to dig into the installation details of the rear sensors. The rear proximity sensor forms an extra layer of protection when backing up the van, in addition to the factory installed backup camera. It supplements the visual data from…

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Mod: 12V Power Outlet To Dual USB

My new Ford Transit cargo van comes with two 12V Power Outlets in the center console. These outdated power sources must be exchanged for USB outlets that allow you to charge your electronic gadgets.

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Replacing one of the 12V outlets in the center console for a Dual USB outlet, should be…
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cabin partition

Why A Cabin Partition Unifies Your Design

Placing a partition between cabin and cargo area in the Ford Transit van greatly improves your comfort level, both while driving and when camping. Shielding your future living area from outside curiosity enhances your overall privacy and reduces noise transmission, but a visible separation of your cabin from the rest of the vehicle also changes…

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floor vent

Floor Vents Revisited

The effectiveness of a floor vent in my conversion van remains uncertain, but now that my new Ford Transit has finally arrived, the right location can be established. Ventilation poses a major problem in my new Ford Transit. The factory-installed, glued-in All-Around Windows look great, yet offer few opportunities for cross-ventilation. My research has led…

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european ford transit

EU versus US

I’ve been waiting for three months now on my 2016 US Ford Transit and still haven’t been able to find a version at a local dealership with the same color: Lunar Sky. Had to order from a color swatch and still hoping I made the right choice. For some reason, my friends in Europe had…

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The Ultimate Guide To Flooring

Creating a (sub)floor as part of the conversion of a cargo van is a fairly straightforward process. Yet many construction types and materials have to be chosen in advance, to head off any unexpected complications that can influence the integrity of the entire project. The first line of attack in a van conversion is often…

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