floor fastener

Today’s Snapshot

Installation of the insulated floor is almost done. Today I worked on the stainless steel fasteners. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting all the details and videos. You can find the project at Mod: Insulated Floor.

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For All Intents And Purposes

During the cargo van conversion, I take time out for short trips with the van, sometimes to try out the latest modifications, sometimes just for the fun of it. In preparation for this road trip, I needed and installed the floor insulation and the subfloor itself, the cabin curtain and a small, temporary inverter connected…

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backup sensor review

Backup Sensor Review

What do you gain by using a backup device and do you need a visual clue on a display screen and an audible signal to make parking or driving safer? These are some of the questions you’re faced with when buying a new car or van. Just four wheels, a comfy seat and a custom…

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ford transit customer connection point

Ford Transit CCP

The Ford Transit, like many of its competitors, is equipped with a Customer Connection Point (CCP) that enables the upfitter to access the surplus electrical power produced by the engine’s alternator. A direct connection between alternator and the house battery bank of a RV has always been the acceptable way of charging the batteries. But…

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van conversion projects

Van Conversion Projects

I recently finished the first two (small) projects on the long road of a complete van conversion. At the same time I’m working on several new modifications. Replacing a 12V outlet in the dashboard with a Dual USB socket was a quick job, soon followed by the installation of a Backup Parking Sensor inside the…

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parking sensor

Pre-Mod: Rear Parking Sensor Strip

In advance of the Live Broadcast, I have been preparing the installation of a parking sensor strip in the rear bumper of my Ford Transit conversion van. To prepare, I have already surveyed the parts of the van that I will be working on, to analyze what tools and materials I need. The sensor package…

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