7 Gadgets To Super-Charge Your Cargo Van

THE PURCHASE OF THE NEW CARGO VAN IS COMING CLOSER AND I STARTED THINKING ABOUT SOME OF THE BASIC ELECTRONICS, THAT SHOULD BE INSTALLED SOON AFTER I BRING IT HOME. Some can be included in the purchase as an option, yet most can be installed cheaper as an after-market product with more flexibility of choice….

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2014 Van Sales: Ford Transit Is The Big Winner

OVERALL SALES NUMBERS OF COMMERCIAL VANS AKA CARGO VANS, ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE AS SALES OF OLDER MODELS ARE RAPIDLY DECLINING. Sales of the newer European-Style vans have been rising steadily, beginning with the MB Sprinter that has been on the market longest, but still account for a small part of the total market….

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Living in a Van: How to Survive Winter

NOW YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR VAN AND SPEND THE SUMMER VISITING YOUR FAVORITE LOCATIONS, BUT WINTER IS APPROACHING… WHAT TO DO? Everybody’s situation differs and much depends on how well you insulated your van and what kind of heating you installed. Most should follow the crowd and GO SOUTH! Four distinct areas are well-suited for…

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Pressurized Solar Water Heater

A few gallons of hot water for a shower or just to clean up. It’s solar, so no electricity needed and you can pressurize it too. The tube-like structure is attached to a roof rack and features a short hose with sprayer. The sun heats the water inside during the day. From roadshower.com

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