RV Electrical System: My Setup

PREVIOUS: RV Electrical System: Sizing Now that we have a good understanding of the intricacies of a well-designed electrical/solar system for an RV, it’s time to select the actual components for my upcoming Ford Transit cargo van conversion. Considerations The goal I’m striving for, is a fully electrical, self-sufficient van/RV that can handle a minimum… Continue reading RV Electrical System: My Setup

DC-Powered Air Conditioner

Sharp will launch its first DC powered air-conditioner later this year. Marketed to the solar home crowd, this and other DC appliances may find their way into your RV. With the increasing use of solar panels worldwide, manufacturers are beginning to explore more and more DC devices for the home. The major advantage is a… Continue reading DC-Powered Air Conditioner

RV Electrical System: Sizing

PREVIOUS: RV Electrical System: Batteries & Solar Panels Sizing Sizing the electrical system in your RV means choosing the different components and making sure they work well together, while their relationship in terms of quantity, size and number is well proportioned. Setting up solar is fairly simple, yet involves many interdependent parts and unless done… Continue reading RV Electrical System: Sizing

RV Electrical System: Batteries & Solar Panels

PREVIOUS: RV Electrical System: Design Batteries Central to the system and most visible are the batteries, which have to supply the electricity during the days when a hookup is not available. Two basic types are currently used in RV’s: Lead-Acid Batteries Types: Starting Battery – Use only to start the vehicle; its plates are too… Continue reading RV Electrical System: Batteries & Solar Panels

RV Electrical System: Design

PREVIOUS: RV Electrical System: History Two recent developments will change the future of RV living: flexible panels and Lithium batteries. Neither will benefit everybody, as the extra cost tends to favor boondockers, who receive a greater payback on their investment. Lower prices will inevitably lead to wider use and greater implementation by most, if not… Continue reading RV Electrical System: Design

Is The RV At The Forefront Of Low Voltage Home Wiring?

There are many similarities between a solar installation in an RV and a regular single-family home. OK, some differences are quite fundamental, like the total number of available PV panels and their orientation, yet with respect to the system wiring, differences are less apparent. The RV and the Marine environment have accumulated heaps of solar… Continue reading Is The RV At The Forefront Of Low Voltage Home Wiring?

Solar Panel Guide (2)

New approaches for small RV’s. PHOTOVOLTAIC FACTS After I introduced Semi Flexible Solar Panels in my previous post, questions remain about the performance of these new semi flexible modules. SOLAR PANEL TYPES Rigid Residential Flexible Amorphous Thin Film Semi Flexible average cost per watt 1 $ 0.80-2.00 $ 1.50 $ 2.00-7.00 low light performance average… Continue reading Solar Panel Guide (2)

12V Fan Switch

Recently a fan was installed to cool the solar components, like controller, battery charger, etc. As it is not necessary to run the fan continuously, a switch can regulate its use. Radio Shack sells this 12V switch with a ground (+), a power (-) and a accessory spade. Right now there is a wire running… Continue reading 12V Fan Switch