Decisions, decisions…

Having just finished the rear door cabinetry for the van conversion, I now have to decide which woodworking project to continue with. I would love to start with the kitchen and closet wall on the driver’s side, but feel that it is more practical to put some final designs on paper for a side door multi-use cabinet.

Photo by Len Sackett
Design example - Photo by Len Sackett

The base design called for a few drawers on the interior side and a foldable shelf on the outside. Sitting outside the van with the side doors open, the shelf can be used as a convenient side table.

Over time, the design evolved by adding, literally, the kitchen sink. I imagined a small fresh water tank in the bottom of the cabinet with a small sink at the top, with a detachable faucet, that could be used as a showerhead, when attached to the top of the side door. Biggest negative for me is that I already plan to have 4 – 6V batteries on the same side of the van and distribution of weight is always of concern to me.

More recently I came up with the idea to install a one-or two burner stove in the top of the cabinet, accessible from the inside by lifting the cover top and from the outside by way of a slide out. That way I could cook outside on a sunny day and have the fold-out shelf to serve on. Making the drawers accessible from the outside as well, would complete this portable kitchen.

Give me your thoughts or ideas!


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