Kitchen Cabinet Assembly

Watch all my videos on YouTube! I’m continuing with the kitchen cabinet assembly in the RV. It’s mostly gluing the separate parts together, but I sometimes use screws, allowing me to access hidden parts of the kitchen cabinet. After another fit in the cargo van, I outline the location for the induction cooktop, but that’s…

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12V Led Light Fixtures

Just received a dozen puck lights; these 12V LED light fixtures are the main lighting source inside the van. The main advantage of these LED lights is their energy consumption; with about three watts per light, you can leave them on without worrying about a dead battery. While made in China, they seem to be…

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Deckfill As Water Inlet

The recent failure of the fresh water fill dish led me to try out a Marine deckfill. Similar to a fill dish, the deckfill comes with a rubber seal, which should prevent water from exiting the fresh water tank. While very similar, it comes with its own peculiarities; where the filldish uses a 1.25 inch…

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