Multi-Use Cabinet (1)

Prepare Decorative Strips Its fan-like body is prone to breaking, which necessitates a dense wood. I chose hard maple, just because I had a piece laying around. The other van cabinets that I will be building in the next few months, will carry the same decoration, so to hurry things up, I’ll make them…
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Bandsaw Circle Jig

The Multi-Use Cabinet needed some decorative strips finished with a round cherry ‘button’. This is how I made the perfect circle out of cherry.

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Multi-Use Cabinet Drawings

Drawings for the multi purpose cabinet at the side doors of the van are based on a general theme, as reflected in the adjoining image. Many of the features will be incorporated in all of the remaining cabinets and closets. The color theme is a reddish cherry with dark gray decorations. Some of the…
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Decisions, decisions…

Having just finished the rear door cabinetry for the van conversion, I now have to decide which woodworking project to continue with. I would love to start with the kitchen and closet wall on the driver’s side, but feel that it is more practical to put some final designs on paper for a side door…

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Cabinetry Installation

Previous posts in this series are Rear Door Cabinetry and Addtional Rear Door Cabinet. Both cabinets are installed by re-using the existing door panels. They are first removed from the doors to which they are attached with plastic plugs.   With a red marker I indicate where I have to cut the metal door frame,…

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Additional Rear Door Cabinet

Additional storage space is highly appreciated in my camper, even as small as this little door cabinet. A RV has never enough! As with the other door, I’ll have to find some Cherry and do the assembly in my workshop.   I follow the same procedure as the main cabinet that I just finished. I…

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Rear Door Cabinetry

Creating the rear door cabinets is the next step in my van conversion. They will add extra storage space,  of which every little bit counts in a RV. It involves mostly simple woodworking, so I’ll be heading back to my workshop. First the driver’s side rear door. The red line in the photo indicates the…

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Progress update

Just one picture this time as an appetizer. After finishing the pull-out shelf under the bed, I’ve been quite busy working on the rear doors. I already removed the fabric covered panels and decided to replace them with built-in cabinetry. There is only 3″-4″ depth available, but every little bit of storage counts in a…

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Pull-out shelf (final)

In my previous postings (Pull-out bed shelf and Pull-out shelf (2)) I built the shelf in my workshop; now I head out to the van, to make some final measurements, adjust it and finish the last details. Two issues remain: the front of the shelf needs to be shortened and finished with cherry and secondly…

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Pull-out shelf (2)

In my previous post I glued the panel. Now I’ll continue with the cherry frame. The frame I start with a 2″ thick board that I cut down to the approximate size of the wood that is needed for the two side pieces. The lumber is set aside for a minimum of 24 hours. This…

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