The bed (3)

The area under the bed is divided in compartments, from front to back: batteries, toilet, inverter & solar controller and bed linens with some extra space available on top of the wheel casing. The battery compartment allows a maximum of 4 batteries with a vent hole to the outside. I put the toilet next to…

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The bed (2)

I am in a bit of a hurry, because I wanted to test the bed out on a trip to South Florida during the holidays. There is a lot of work, but fortunately much of the bed frame was pre-assembled of the last few weeks in my workshop. First I set up a few parts…

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The bed (1)

Crucial in this conversion, I think, is having access to some woodworking equipment. A few years ago, I got into woodworking with a basic setup that included a jointer and planer. You need these to size the wood to the correct size. The main component of the bed is a 1¼”x1¼” wood frame. As a…

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Ladder repair

The rear ladder is more decoration than useful attribute, but over the years screws have gone missing and rust has appeared. As it is a small job, I could do it when I had an hour to spare. First removed the ladder by removing the old screws. The rust cleaned up quite nicely and in…

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Subfloor installation

One heavy piece of ½” plywood. Weight is always a consideration, both as in maximum payload and as in fuel economy. I estimate the weight of most items that I install and keep a total as a reminder. As for the plywood, I’ll need another sheet to finish the job.   To size the…
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Floor insulation

  As a base for the interior, I decided to put in a ½” thick piece of plywood on top of ½” rigid insulation board. I started to fill in lengthwise indentations of the metal floor with strips of a thin insulation material, to maximize the R-value.   Subsequently the insulation boards were applied. This…

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Rust and holes.

Now it is time to do some restoration work to the floor.  A few areas had a some surface rust. A little sanding and some fresh paint took care of that. Now I had to fill the dozen or so holes in the floor, that were left after the removal of the bench, chairs and…

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Wall panel take down

The rear passenger side wall panel and the narrow panel that covered the brake lights, were easily removed. They were mostly friction fit with a few additional (hidden) plastic plugs. It revealed a substantial amount of regular home insulation material, except for the narrow panel.      

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Rear door panels

Lately I am working on the van, whenever I have an hour available. This time I removed the rear door panels. They were mostly attached with hidden plastic plugs.   I’m thinking of slightly enlarging the openings and creating some additional storage area inside the doors.  

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Subfloor removal

First thing I noticed was some water damage to the subfloor, which is to be expected after 20 years of use. It will be replaced with a regular ½ inch plywood panel. The wood is attached with a couple of metal screws to the metal floor. The rear 4 feet doesn’t have any insulation at…

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