murphy bed support

Murphy Bed Frame

Watch all my videos on YouTube! The Murphy Bed is the single most needed component of this conversion. The installation begins with creating some attachment points to the van. The plywood floor is an ideal base for the bed and cabinets, yet the metal ceiling and upper wall need some additional bracing. I prepared a…

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cargo van liner

Wall Panel – Part One

Watch all my videos on YouTube! The wall panel on the driver’s side is partially hidden by the Murphy Bed, a closet and part of the kitchen. The main rear side window will be permanently hidden, while the front side window will be available when the bed is in use. The smaller rear side window…

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RV Hookup Cable

Watch all my videos on YouTube! Boondocking is the primary use of this stealth van, yet a 15 amp RV hookup cable will be installed to connect the electrical system to the grid, when hookups are available. Commercial campgrounds have never been my favorite places to stay, as I prefer the immersion that only nature…

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locksmith tool

Is Your Ford Transit Safe From Thieves?

Amazon UK halted the sale of a “skeleton key”, that enables thieves to break into any Ford Transit. An array of different laws in the British Isles allows the sale of these locksmith tools, which has led to a surge of Transit burglaries. The unrestricted availability of this $40.00 tool created such a public uproar,…

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mobile dvr camera

Mobile DVR Installation

Hiding The Front-Facing Camera Watch all my videos on YouTube! Integration of a mobile DVR in a conversion van or RV can be quite complicated, with many parts that have to work together. From DVR, display, cameras, wires and a multitude of connectors, sometimes it is overwhelming. Today I started with the front camera, a…

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Ford Transit Side-Airbag

Working today on the wall behind the Murphy bed. Temporarily removed the big black styrofoam blob to find out what’s behind it and how much of it can be discarded. The left part that’s protruding into the cargo area, doesn’t cover anything. The lower part contains the side-airbag contraption.

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rv ventilation

Roof Vent Considerations

Converting a van often means that you’re working on multiple individual projects at the same time. Currently the Murphy bed with desk has my focus and when that work stagnates, I switch over to a secondary project: the roof vent. That happens when you run out of materials or just when you only have a…

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My 2016 Ford Transit Recall

Recently, I received a recall notice from Ford: my 2016 Transit cargo van needed some preventive maintenance. Apparently, the electronic throttle body could develop contamination, resulting in activation of the service engine soon indicator and reduction of engine power and vehicle speed. A few days ago, I scheduled the repair at my local Ford dealer…

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