ford transit rail transport

Ford Transit – Rail Shipments

Ford Motor Company is taking a new approach to shipping its all-new full-size Transit cargo vans and wagons to Ford dealerships across North America. The high-roof Transit offers best-in-class interior cargo height when properly equipped, but the new medium- and high-roof Transit vehicles are too tall to fit in the common two-story railcars used by…

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10 cool ideas

10 Cool Ideas To Lower Temperatures In Your RV

While these cooling tips are valid for all RV’s, I’ll be focusing on off-grid camping and boondocking. Those of us that frequent regular campgrounds with all their amenities have it much easier. It is always difficult to stay cool in the Heat of Summer or warm when the temperature drops. The best we can strive…

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Coming: LIVE Chatroom Events

The new Ford Transit cargo van is arriving soon and the conversion will start soon afterwards. To engage more readers and get them more involved in this project, I have planned several new features for this website. Starting Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 @ 4 PM EDT, I will be holding the first Free LIVE Chatroom…

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Why I Order Chinese And Get It Delivered

Buying overseas goods has become much easier and we can take advantage of that during our RV conversion. The inherent risks are manageable and the savings substantial. As the start of the cargo van conversion comes closer, it’s time to get the first mods. Lots of materials will have a local supplier, such as your…

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concept sketch

How I Design My RV Layout

Design and layout of a van conversion is a tricky proposition, as every available inch has a huge impact on the final livability of the van. The new 2016 Ford Transit cargo van is coming soon and there’s still a lot to do and prepare for the conversion. One of those things is the design…

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sensors cameras

How To Guide: Parking Sensors and Vehicle Cameras

Before the starting the conversion of the new Ford Transit cargo van (ETA October 2015), I’d like to add a few electronics gadgets. Being frugal or cheap by choice, I declined one or two factory options with the purpose of saving some money in addition to creating a more personalized solution. Reverse Sensing System As…

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Lithium Battery Prices Set To Plummet 65%!

Lithium battery prices could fall from $550 per kWh in 2014 to $200 per kWh by 2020. That whopping 65% is one of the results of an energy storage study published by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. This would be a game changer in the RV environment, by making such a battery bank overall much…

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