rv insulation

Final Insulation & Closet

In the process of finishing up the passenger side of the interior, I need to insulate the walls. Before I do that, I pulled the last wiring through the wall cavities. https://youtu.be/SbU8es9USaI The wall insulation consists of rigid Poly-Iso, separated about 0.5 inch from the skin of the vehicle with a few dots of spray foam, with …
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Storage Boxes & Desk Seat

I fill-in most of the storage boxes in the ‘garage’ of my van. They are all open boxes with inter-locking bottoms, except for the top box, which receives a top lid. This Formica-finished top lid has three functions: as a top lid of course, as an extension of the kitchen countertop and as a worktop …
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Webasto Gas Heater – Part III

After previously installing the fuel pump, I continue with the fuel (and power) line between the pump and the location where the heater penetrates the van floor. For extra security, I use a wireloom around the power wire and use a wider fuel line aorund the tiny Webasto fuel line. https://youtu.be/PnmZ3kja34E TOOLS & MATERIALS* Webasto Airtop 2000 STC …
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Webasto Gas Heater – Part II

Installation of the fuel pump, Rheostat and wire run. After unpacking the Webasto Gas Heater, I continue building the upper cabinet, including the Rheostat installation. Another unfinished job, was the removal of the van’s jack, which is located inside the passenger side seat’s pedestal, to make room for the heater. Finally, the fuel pump is installed …
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Berkey Filter Stand

A small box that functions as a stand for my Berkey water purifier. Made out of Walnut and a few strips of Maple, it elevates the Berkey and makes it possible to fill your mug much easier. I also prefitted the one piece plywood ceiling, which will later be finished either with an automotive fabric …
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Webasto Gas Heater

Adding a Webasto gas heater to my van. Located under the passenger seat and connected to the gas tank. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be showing in great detail, how I install the heater in my van. https://youtu.be/acntOMFZtiE I start by pulling the Rheostat and power wire through the B-pillar to a control panel above the sliding door. Previous …
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Ford Transit Fuel Door Repair

https://youtu.be/MT4oOoO16lA The plastic hinges of the fuel door in a Ford Transit are prone to fail. Especially leaving the van when parked next to another vehicle, will force you more backwards, thus hooking the fuel door’s lip with your trouser’s pocket. Replacing it with a new door will cost upwards $125.00; with this mod, two zip ties …
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Pantry Build

https://youtu.be/PXnr2gX-bbI This pantry is located above the passenger side wheel well. The bottom half consists of four drawers, the top half has three dividers. Like all the other cabinets in the van, the doors and drawer fronts will be installed at a later time. And there is also still some work to be done at the …
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