How I Do Formica

One needs some skills to work with Formica or Laminates at while I am no expert at this, I found my own ways to deal with Formica. This video shows the techniques I use. Whatever you do, you are working with fast and dangerous cutting tools, so be safe. https://youtu.be/rLEvA3DMco8 TOOLS & MATERIALS* Weldwood Contact…

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2022 Ford E-Transit Testing

Preparing for the release of the all-electric 2022 Ford E-Transit, this revolutionary vehicle is put through its paces at test tracks throughout the USA and Europe. The testing simulates more than 150.000 miles of driving. Extreme cold, heat and high altitude driving is simulated in Ford’s Environmental Test Chamber in Cologne, Germany; with rough roads…

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SpaceX Dragon 9 – Jan 23, 2021

On the early morning of January 23rd, 2021, the Dragon 9 – Crew 2 lifted itself up from Cape Canaveral to the Space Station. With no sun to worry about, the coolness of the night showed itself in the form of a light haze. This was the umptieth launch that I was watching from the…

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DIY Lithium Battery – 3

I continue with the assembly of the two LiFePo4 Lithium batteries by adding all the components, that connect and control the different parts of this setup. The assembly so far, indicates a slightly taller battery than expected; that forces me to enlarge the storage area access first. Now that I know that the battery boxes…

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