Flexible Solar Panel Installation

Watch all my videos on YouTube! One of the major steps of this van conversion, is the addition of solar panels to the roof of the Ford Transit. It creates an independent source of energy, which in turn, makes vandwelling or boondocking a possibility. I chose flexible solar panels for their light weight, bendable and… Continue reading Flexible Solar Panel Installation

Solar Controller & Breaker Box

Watch all my videos on YouTube! Solar Power has put Vandwelling within reach of ordinary people. So, with full-time RVing in mind, I have begun with the installation of some solar components. DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert at this and this is not a How-To guide. 12V can KILL you; consult an expert first. The… Continue reading Solar Controller & Breaker Box

This Is How Your Van Is Going To Look Like

Several car companies are designing and building electric vans and in the next couple of years and consumers will have a choice of vehicles to choose from. Major obstacles still remain, such as driving range and charging capabilities. For vandwellers, the idea of a full-electric van for boondocking is still unrealistic and hard to imagine.… Continue reading This Is How Your Van Is Going To Look Like

The Current State Of Flexible Solar Panels

A few years ago, flexible solar panels became popular with RV owners as they represented a innovative solution for smaller RV’s, where weight reduction played an important role. Less weight meant more panels and more power to stay off-grid longer. With a weight difference of about 20 lbs per panel, easy installation without holes in… Continue reading The Current State Of Flexible Solar Panels

How A Simple Inverter Saved My Day!

I’m just at the beginning of the conversion of my cargo van and the decision about the final design of the electrical system is still a long way off. I had to rethink the design again, as I’m preparing for my first multi-day trip with the van. The Electrical System I have long envisioned a… Continue reading How A Simple Inverter Saved My Day!

It’s My New Ford Transit

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my little miracle (manufactured today, September 25th, 2015). My little bundle of joy will come home in a few weeks (by convoy), where I’ll help him to quickly grow up (van conversion). As an adult he’ll be able to travel the country and experience America’s natural beauty. My… Continue reading It’s My New Ford Transit

RV Electrical System: My Setup

PREVIOUS: RV Electrical System: Sizing Now that we have a good understanding of the intricacies of a well-designed electrical/solar system for an RV, it’s time to select the actual components for my upcoming Ford Transit cargo van conversion. Considerations The goal I’m striving for, is a fully electrical, self-sufficient van/RV that can handle a minimum… Continue reading RV Electrical System: My Setup

RV Electrical System: Sizing

PREVIOUS: RV Electrical System: Batteries & Solar Panels Sizing Sizing the electrical system in your RV means choosing the different components and making sure they work well together, while their relationship in terms of quantity, size and number is well proportioned. Setting up solar is fairly simple, yet involves many interdependent parts and unless done… Continue reading RV Electrical System: Sizing