Magazine Rack (3)

Assembly and Finishing All the parts are now ready for assembly. Now that all the parts are ready, it’s time to glue and clamp everything together. After a couple of hours drying time, the rack gets a final sanding. A quarter is used to indicate the corners at the top of the two side panels. They…

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Magazine Rack (2)

Enhance the Tiger Maple Before continuing with the assembly, the three front pieces that are made out of Tiger Maple, need some ‘popping’, that is, enhancing the visibility of the curl in the wood.

Tools & materials required: Dye, sand paper and jar. A little ‘Dark Mission Brown’ powder dye is combined with some…
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Magazine Rack (1)

Utilizing every available space is a priority; the area to the right of the rear side window is large enough to accommodate a magazine rack and is conveniently close to the bed. This will allow for some late night reading. Back to the workshop for some woodworking! The main wood choice is again Cherry in…

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Monitor Console

Between the window and the side doors is a narrow strip of wall available to house a small console. It is the future location of the battery monitor and a reading light.

With a narrow piece of wood, the length of the console, placed against the inside wall, the curve of the wall is…
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Bed, Wall & Window

Before continuing with the other side of the van interior, it’s time to put the wall and window above the bed, back together again. Two issues remain: the battery cables and the solar controller cable need to be installed. The other is the decision I have to make, whether to go ahead with batting as…

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Amazon store redesign

In the past 3-4 weeks, I have completely redesigned the Amazon Store at New layout, added features, more product reviews and newly included items. All products pertain specifically to this Cargo Van Conversion and are/can be used during the construction and installation phases of this project. New materials, appliances and tools will be added…

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12V Fan Switch

Recently a fan was installed to cool the solar components, like controller, battery charger, etc. As it is not necessary to run the fan continuously, a switch can regulate its use. Radio Shack sells this 12V switch with a ground (+), a power (-) and a accessory spade. Right now there is a wire running…

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Toilet Access Door

The last time I worked on the bed, the pull-out, sliding shelf was installed. Now I’ll continue with a door for the toilet compartment. In deliberating the hinge options, I came across a simple wooden hinge design, that looked appropriate for this application. Under the built-in, slide-out shelf is just enough space to house the portable…

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110V Power Inlet

  The van is internally a 12V system fed by solar panels, with some 110V outlets powered by an inverter. Only the battery charger needs access to an exterior power source. For this, a 15A power inlet is installed next to the rear door, on the passenger side of the van.  

ParkPower 150BBIWRV…
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12V Cooling Fan

The compartment under the bed that will hold the charger, controller, inverter, etc. is a small enclosure and needs some form of cooling.  I choose a 5” computer fan with thermal control, that automatically adjusts its speed as the temperature rises. Other considerations were low noise level (<18dB), high airflow volume (up to 42cfm) and…

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