7 Gadgets To Super-Charge Your Cargo Van

THE PURCHASE OF THE NEW CARGO VAN IS COMING CLOSER AND I STARTED THINKING ABOUT SOME OF THE BASIC ELECTRONICS, THAT SHOULD BE INSTALLED SOON AFTER I BRING IT HOME. Some can be included in the purchase as an option, yet most can be installed cheaper as an after-market product with more flexibility of choice.… Continue reading 7 Gadgets To Super-Charge Your Cargo Van


Another post on wiring of the van. Two heavier wire gauges will support the appliances to be installed on the driver’s side.   Appliances Most of the wiring has now been done on the passenger side, except for the #4. The focus is now on the appliances that will be featured in the row of… Continue reading Wiring(3)

Power storage

  Now that the different parts of the electrical system have been established, the first thing to do is calculate the number of batteries needed to support the daily energy use. Here a lot of time goes into researching all appliances that will ultimately be installed. Adding up their amperage use, will yield our daily… Continue reading Power storage

Multi-Use Cabinet Drawings

Drawings for the multi purpose cabinet at the side doors of the van are based on a general theme, as reflected in the adjoining image. Many of the features will be incorporated in all of the remaining cabinets and closets. The color theme is a reddish cherry with dark gray decorations. Some of the doors… Continue reading Multi-Use Cabinet Drawings