Cargo Van Conversion V2.0 – Features

PREVIOUS: Cargo Van Conversion V2.0 Cargo Van Conversion V2.0 – Van Use  NOW THAT WE ESTABLISHED OUR DESIRES FOR THE DESIGN OF OUR VAN, WE HAVE TO TRANSLATE THAT INTO ACTUAL FEATURES IN OUR FINALIZED VERSION OF THE BUILDING PLANS. We have the freedom to amend any aspect of the conversion during the actual build,… Continue reading Cargo Van Conversion V2.0 – Features

Solar Panel Guide (2)

New approaches for small RV’s. PHOTOVOLTAIC FACTS After I introduced Semi Flexible Solar Panels in my previous post, questions remain about the performance of these new semi flexible modules. SOLAR PANEL TYPES Rigid Residential Flexible Amorphous Thin Film Semi Flexible average cost per watt 1 $ 0.80-2.00 $ 1.50 $ 2.00-7.00 low light performance average… Continue reading Solar Panel Guide (2)

Cargo Van Conversion V2.0 – Van Use

PREVIOUS: Cargo Van Conversion V2.0   AS I EXPLAINED IN MY PREVIOUS POST Cargo Van Conversion V2.0, BEFORE CONVERTING A NEW VAN, WE CAN REVISIT OUR EXPECTATIONS AND BUILD ON OUR ACQUIRED EXPERIENCES DURING OUR FIRST VAN CONVERSION. Define Van Use Intended use may take precedent over other uses. With solar panels on the roof,… Continue reading Cargo Van Conversion V2.0 – Van Use

Power Generation

  After upgrading to off-grid power and power storage, this post elaborates on the available power generating tools for a small RV. The electrical calculations are comprised into a detailed schematic overview, that serves as the basis for the installation. Alternator The extra power from the alternator can be directed to the battery bank, to… Continue reading Power Generation

Power storage

  Now that the different parts of the electrical system have been established, the first thing to do is calculate the number of batteries needed to support the daily energy use. Here a lot of time goes into researching all appliances that will ultimately be installed. Adding up their amperage use, will yield our daily… Continue reading Power storage

Upgrading to off-grid power

As I am struggling a bit to finish the multi-use cabinet,  the next phase of the van conversion will entail some of the wiring for the off-grid electrical system. Before any new cabinets are built, cables have to be laid. At the same time, buying a battery charger, inverter, some batteries and an induction cooktop,… Continue reading Upgrading to off-grid power

Multi-Use Cabinet (7)

Previously I messed up one of the drawer bottoms of the cabinet that I’m making for my (cargo) van conversion. First redo that, then do the top surface with access to the cooktop. After all the major parts have been put together, only the hardware, the finishing and final installation in the van remains.  … Continue reading Multi-Use Cabinet (7)